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NetMRG is a tool for network monitoring, reporting, and graphing. Based on RRDTOOL, the best of open source graphing systems, NetMRG is capable of creating graphs of any parameter of your network.


2009-05-06 09:56:22

NetMRG enters maintenance mode

NetMRG has reached the point in it's lifetime that the original developers have little time to develop new features for it. It's time for us to put it in maintenance mode.

The forums have been disabled (but are still archived) and a mailing list has been created for support

If you are interested in contributing to NetMRG feel free to get in touch with us. Thanks for all your support over the years.

2008-04-11 23:24:27

NetMRG 0.20

In addition to all the changes in 0.19, 0.20 brings you the additional improvements:
Major feature enhancements and bug fixes; Fixed compilation under GCC 4.3; restructuring of view pages to show graph titles (for easier in-page searching) and icons for graph actions; fixed mysql 5 compatibility; added device properties (keeps track of things like model #, serial #, etc); added ability to chain interfaces to travel between them; added ajax monitor selection on graphs.
2006-02-03 21:46:46

NetMRG 0.19 Devel Release

A short 451 days after the last release, we at least have a new development release!
A number of large improvements have occurred over the past year, the most prominent of which is the interface redesign. The goal is to give more room to wide graphs, and give more room for some view-page enhancements in the future.
We've also started down the road towards multi-language support and would love to hear from people with experience in this and that are interested in providing translations.
Our license has also changed to GPLv2. We're hoping that this will allow more open development and allow our program to be included in more projects.
One last notable inclusion is rrdtool 1.2 support. This makes for much nicer looking graphs since it adds support for true-type fonts and anti-aliased lines. Try it out - just be sure to upgrade your netmrg.xml file!
Feel free to try it out and report problems in the forums as usual.
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