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The tool

NetMRG is a tool for network monitoring, reporting, and graphing. Based on RRDTOOL, the best of open source graphing systems, NetMRG is capable of creating graphs of any parameter of your network.

Data Input

NetMRG was built from the ISP point-of-view, with the need to graph things both directly accessible from SNMP, as well as more challenging sources. NetMRG polls SNMP devices, either fixed OIDs, or dynamic ones based on indices (such as for interfaces on a router, or disks in a linux box). These dynamic indices can handle index changes, such as with the insertion of a card in a Cisco, with no interruption or intervention. In order to facilitate diverse data sources, NetMRG can run custom scripts to obtain data, as well as make arbitrary queries against your custom MySQL databases.


NetMRG is meant to handle large amounts of monitoring. Its configuration is primarily handled via a MySQL database, known for its speed and flexibility. The data gathering application is a multi-threaded (pthreads) C++ program, compliled against SNMP libraries and efficiently communicating with RRDTOOL using pipes.


We are currently working some pre-releases, and hope to have a full release after we get some feedback from users. You can find all current releases on the download page. You may use our subversion tree, but as with most subversion trees, be warned that the code is not always going to work as intended.


Brady Alleman started this project in 2001 as a high school project. Doug Warner has recently joined in working on NetMRG. If you feel you can help out, please contact us.