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2009-05-06 09:56:22

NetMRG enters maintenance mode

NetMRG has reached the point in it's lifetime that the original developers have little time to develop new features for it. It's time for us to put it in maintenance mode.

The forums have been disabled (but are still archived) and a mailing list has been created for support

If you are interested in contributing to NetMRG feel free to get in touch with us. Thanks for all your support over the years.

2008-04-11 23:24:27

NetMRG 0.20

In addition to all the changes in 0.19, 0.20 brings you the additional improvements:
Major feature enhancements and bug fixes; Fixed compilation under GCC 4.3; restructuring of view pages to show graph titles (for easier in-page searching) and icons for graph actions; fixed mysql 5 compatibility; added device properties (keeps track of things like model #, serial #, etc); added ability to chain interfaces to travel between them; added ajax monitor selection on graphs.
2006-02-03 21:46:46

NetMRG 0.19 Devel Release

A short 451 days after the last release, we at least have a new development release!
A number of large improvements have occurred over the past year, the most prominent of which is the interface redesign. The goal is to give more room to wide graphs, and give more room for some view-page enhancements in the future.
We've also started down the road towards multi-language support and would love to hear from people with experience in this and that are interested in providing translations.
Our license has also changed to GPLv2. We're hoping that this will allow more open development and allow our program to be included in more projects.
One last notable inclusion is rrdtool 1.2 support. This makes for much nicer looking graphs since it adds support for true-type fonts and anti-aliased lines. Try it out - just be sure to upgrade your netmrg.xml file!
Feel free to try it out and report problems in the forums as usual.
2005-09-09 15:19:24

Update Screen Shots with Progress of 0.19

We have some new screen shots featuring our new interface. There's a lot that's still not done, but we thought you should at least see how things are panning out. Feel free to let us know what your think in our General Discussion Forum, or feel free to contact us.
2005-01-05 15:44:35

Subversion Access

We finally have access to our subversion tree for non-developers. Links still need changed on the website, but you can get into the stuff now. We also need to work on building snapshots, but we'll get to that soon, too.
To checkout our current tree, try:
svn checkout netmrg
And you can also browse the subversion repository.
2005-01-04 21:10:01

CVS down; upgrading to SVN

Our CVS server (both the anonymous pserver access and the web access) is currently down. We're in the middle of upgrading to subversion, which we feel will be a much more useful revision control mechanism. Once this is done, we'll get the docs updated and new snapshots being generated.
2004-11-09 14:07:52

NetMRG 0.18.2 Released

Minor Bug Fixes; Fixed some escaping problems on the interface cache page, disabled the 'quickprint' Net-SNMP option for better compatibility, fixed the snmp-failure test, fixed an SVO-user view issue, and added failover for duplicate ifNames when adding interfaces.
2004-11-01 13:15:56

NetMRG 0.18.1 Released

A minor bug was introduced when we were adding parsing of SNMP values. Due to this bug, negative SNMP values would be converted to positive values. We encourage all users to upgrade to 0.18.1.
2004-10-30 16:08:04

NetMRG 0.18 released

There has been a number of major bugfixes in this release that affected a number of people. Check out the changes, and go download it!
  • Fixed an issue preventing form submissions on some browsers
  • Fixed PHP string escaping problems
  • Fixed inability to create inverted stacked graphs
  • Fixed parameter substituion and documentation regarding notifications and responses
  • Added better support on FreeBSDs (4.8-5.2) and x86-64 architectures (Linux and FreeBSD)
  • Added the ability to multiply summed values
  • Added MySQL timeouts
  • Added simple value parsing (to get the numeric content out of quoted numbers, etc)
  • Added graphic icons for most actions
  • Added support for a default external auth user (with regards to permissions)
  • Cleaned up the gatherer build process output
2004-09-30 20:32:24

New Website Released

Although it should be a bit obivous, the new website has been released. Hopefully you'll find it easier to navigate and find the information you need. Most of the changes are visual, but content on many of the pages has changed, as well. In particular, we added a 'contrib' section to the download page. Our screen shots now have little description fields about each one so you know what you're looking at. If you have any comments, we'd love to hear about them in the forums.
2004-09-30 17:25:12

NetMRG 0.17 Debian Packages

Uwe Steinmann (a Debian packager) has graciously created some Debian packages for both PowerPC and I386 architectures of NetMRG 0.17. You can find them in the newly created contrib directory.
2004-09-13 22:43:21

0.17 Released!

We've released 0.17... all are encouraged to upgrade, and reports bugs to the bugtracker and questions to the forum, as always.

The details...

NetMRG 0.17 adds colorized gatherer output, checkbox support on most pages, and the ability to administratively disable users. It also addresses a potential SQL-injection bug, enhances navigation on group pages, and updates and improves the tutorials and documentation. Additionally, there are several improvements and bug fixes in events and responses.
2004-06-10 09:57:56

NetMRG 0.16 Released

We're calling this a "Minor Bugfixes and Feature Enhancements" release, and this is what it includes:
  • fixed a user management bugs
  • fixed several bugs related to 'single view only' users not being able to see graphs
  • added the ability to ignore SNMP uptime checks for devices (permitting the monitoring of broken devices)
  • added the ability to do an SNMP walk of an OID (useful for the Windows SNMP agent)
  • enhanced group/device management
  • cleaned up autoconf (now supports FC2)
  • and added experimental syslog and daemon support in the gatherer
2004-06-05 13:59:36

Merchandise Updated

We've updated our (small) NetMRG CafePress Store with a couple items.
Currently, we have a white t-shirt with a large NetMRG logo, an ash-grey t-shirt with a smaller NetMRG logo over the pocket area, a golf shirt with a small NetMRG logo over the pocket area, and an oval sticker (like the OBX stickers). Check it out, and let us know if there's any items you'd like to see there!
2004-05-28 18:52:22

site update

Mostly just updates behind-the-scenes to make updating the site easier, but we have added a new FAQ page. Feel free to submit ideas in our forum.
2004-05-20 10:20:00

NetMRG 0.15

Mostly a maintenance release, NetMRG 0.15 fixes a number of bugs, and adds several new features. From our release notes:
  • fixes for various db errors (including the infamous one on snmp_cache_view.php)
  • better cross-platform compilation
  • select all/none/invert checkbox support
  • support for choosing what graph to apply to an interface
  • better support for php < 4.2.0
  • some security fixes for single-view-only users
2004-03-10 22:45:00

NetMRG 0.14

No, we weren't on hiatus, and now there's a new NetMRG with many improvements. According to our Freshmeat announcement, the changes include:
  • Fixed escaping issues in template dereferencing
  • Corrected broken links on various pages.
  • Addressed security issues regarding manual SNMP recaching.
  • Fixed broken duplication on non-cutting-edge MySQL.
  • Added more parameter substitution in SQL tests.
  • Added date parsing for advanced graph view.
  • Nav-bar and group navigation were enhanced.
  • Advanced view capability was added monitor-only graphs.
Isn't it exciting!? We thought so. Go check it out, and report any issues in the usual places.
2003-12-22 13:15:00

NetMRG 0.13

Since this is so late getting up, I'll just repost the Freshmeat announcement:
This release adds slide show ordering fixes, "previous slide" and "resume slide show" options, improved formatting of "sums", and fixes for errors on view editing, permissions checking, and an occasional segfault in the gatherer.
2003-12-15 13:20:00

NetMRG 0.12

The next big release for NetMRG is upon us, just in time for the holiday season. Here's a list of stuff that happened:
  • added SNMPv2 support
  • fixed a bug that would cause a device to be deleted from all groups
  • fixed session timeout when using external auth
  • added checkbox support to interface/disk cache pages
  • slide show enhancements
  • fixed permission issue where unauthorized users could view/edit test_* pages

There's a tarball, and RPMS for both FC1 and RH9, so go check it out.
2003-11-17 14:00:00

NetMRG 0.10 RPM Updated

We've updated the aging 0.10 NetMRG release to work with Fedora Core 1. You can find a new RPM in the (updated) download section, as well as a rrdtool package in the contrib directory that we've rolled to work with FC1.
Please report any problems you have with this RPM in the Forum, or feel free to contact us.
2003-10-11 15:15:00

NetMRG 0.10 (oh-point-ten) RPM available

In hopes that this will make everyone's job at installing NetMRG much easier, we've rolled a RPM for 0.10. Feel free to get it from the download section. Let us know how it works for you.
2003-10-06 23:00:00

The First NetMRG Release - 0.10

The first real release of NetMRG is available. There are a number of major bugfixes, so we recommend everyone upgrade. Major bugs that should be mentioned:
  • DB Error when viewing monitors
  • DB Error when viewing slide show w/o any active devices
  • When creating some graphs, width and height would always be zero
  • Conditions based on 'rate of change' should work now
Other than these, docs have been much improved; available are html docs, a netmrg-gatherer man page, and a text version of everything should be installed now.
2003-09-15 11:40:00

NetMRG Prerelease - 0.10pre2

The second prerelese for NetMRG 0.10 is available. Noticable changes: Much better FreeBSD support
Improved page navigation in the 'Groups' section
more Graphing and Graph Display options
minor bug fixes and features
Let us know what you think, either in email, or the forums. Positive or negative feedback are both apprecaited.
2003-07-28 19:00:00

First NetMRG Prerelease - 0.10pre1

We've got our first pre-release, as well as some basic docs for how to get it running. If you've been running cvs snapshots, we'd recommend reinstalling, as we can't provide upgrades to those who already have a running installation. Check out links on the left if you need docs or want to see a demo installation.
2003-07-14 21:55:00 live!

Welcome to the live NetMRG Website!
This has been a long time in the making; and is a good indication that the release is finally coming ("soon"). Feel free to checkout the CVS Tree or download one of our CVS Nightlies in the meantime until we get a pre-release worked out. Things are stabilizing a good bit, but we do have some minor stuff we need to work out before the release. We'll try to keep you posted throughout the month.